The Gate is the body

By: Malena Saenz – Bujinkan Shodan Translation: Nahir Muratore Since I’ve started training Ninjutsu, I see in the ninja the perfect opportunity to display the feminine power. By approaching this Japanese martial art new questions arose in me: What can women do in a physical attack? When facing a symbolic or verbal attack, we have […] Read More

Zen: The Four Noble Truths

Life is suffering. The origin of suffering is egoistic craving and attachment. There is a way to the cessation of suffering. This Way is the Eightfold Path: Right Understanding; Right Thinking; Right Speech; Right Attitude; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration The Four Noble Truths (Sanskrit: catvāri āryasatyāni; Pali: cattāri ariyasaccāni) are “the […] Read More

Essence of Ninjutsu

The essence of all Martial Arts and military strategies is self protection and the prevention of danger. Ninjutsu epitomizes the fullest concept of self-protection through martial training in that the Ninja art deals with the protection of not only the physical body, but the mind and spirit as well. The way of the Ninja is […] Read More