Bushido: The awakening of Japan’s modern identity

Opinions are divided when it comes to Japan’s current Constitution, issued during the U.S. Occupation of 1945 -52: Is it an American imposition that unfairly refuses to recognize the nation as a “normal country” or a precious war-renouncing document that reflects Japan’s unique status as the only country to have experienced the horrors of a […]

Zen’s sudden awakening to the truth beyond reason, beyond language

Rabbi Zusia tramped through his native Poland — this admittedly is an odd way of introducing a story about Zen — collecting money to ransom Jews unjustly imprisoned, victims of the rampant anti-Semitism then prevailing. At a wayside inn he saw birds in a cage. Zusia, simple soul that he was, promptly freed the birds. […]

The Gate is the Body

By: Malena Saenz – Bujinkan Shodan Translation: Nahir Muratore Since I’ve started training Ninjutsu, I see in the ninja the perfect opportunity to display the feminine power. By approaching this Japanese martial art new questions arose in me: What can women do in a physical attack? When facing a symbolic or verbal attack, we have […]