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The inexplicable mysteries in the Ninja Art

Soke Masaaki Hatsumi Bujinkan“…Takamatsu Sensei used to speak of gods as “inexplicable mysteries” and
these inexplicable mysteries can manifest themselves in reality when one practices these nine arts.

And at some level of awareness, there is a kind of communication—
I don’t know how—with some presence in the universe; and it is at the behest of some being that I, for example, am alive. I feel this kind of thing again
and again. Although I am of course one single person, in some way I am not just one person. I have a body, but I am not just this body and so on, but I can feel an assimilation taking place of my spirit or my psyche into the great Existence itself…”
Extracto del libro “The Grandmaster’s Book of Ninja Training”, Soke Massaki Hatsumi.