The japanese bamboo

You don’t have to be farmer to know that a good harvest needs good seeds, good fertilizer and  constant watering. It’s also granted that whoever farms the land get impatient facing the seeding and yelling out loud: “¡Grow, damn it!”


There’s something curious about the japanese bamboo and that is why it turns into non-suitable for impatient people: you sow the seed, then fertilize it and then you take on watering constantly. For the first months, doesn’t happen anything significant. Actually, nothing happens with the seed for the first seven years, in a way that an inexperienced farmer would be persuaded that it might have bought infertile seeds. However, throughout the seventh year, in a period of only six weeks, the bamboo plant grows… ¡more than thirty meters (98 ft)!

¿Does it takes only six weeks to grow? NO. The truth is that it took seven years and six weeks to develop.

For the first seven years of apparent inactivity, this bamboo was producing a complex system of roots that would allow to support the growing after seven years.

Nonetheless, in everyday life, many times we try to find quick solutions, hurried solutions, being unaware that the success is simply the result of inner growing and that it needs time.

By that impatience, maybe, when we do aspire to short-term outcomes, we suddenly leave exactly when we were about to accomplish the goal.

It’s a difficult task to convince the impatient that success only come to those who struggle in a persistent attitude and know how to wait the right time.


Likewise, it’s necessary to understand that in many occasions we will be in front of situations in which we might believe that nothing is happening. And this can be extremely frustrating. In moments like this (that we all have), remember the maturing cycle of the japanese bamboo, and accept – as long as we don’t give up the fight nor abandon by not “seeing” the outcome that we expect –  IT IS happening something inside of us: we’re growing, we’re maturing.bamboo_green_stalks_leaves_7157_3840x2160

Those who don’t give up set up the habits and the fortitude, gradually and imperceptibly, that will allow to support the success when it becomes a real, in the end.

The victory is no more than a process that takes time and dedication, a process that demands learning new habits and force us to discard anothers. A process that demands changes, action and an enormous amount of  patience. It is also a process of blessing the Mother Eart, the seeds, the water that nourishes it, the air that vitalizes it and the Sun that fills it with lots of energy and strenght.